Wrike + Budgets?

Hey there project management pros question for you. Our video production team of 11 is looking for a task management / project management software that allows us to track budgets and hours as well as schedule resources. We just finished a trial of Wrike and the team really likes it but management wants us to be able to keep track of budgets as well and it's really limited in that. Would be open to Wrike+something to make the eco system work. Would love to know if there are any suggestions for what plugin/api might work, or any suggestions for a software with similar capabilities with more budgeting capacity. Looking to avoid dual data entry as much as possible. Thoughts?

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Hey jakie friks, and welcome to the Community! I'd recommend checking out this post about tracking budgets from our blog. It's full of great recommendations, and a link to an API for calculating project budgets.

Let me know if this helped! If you have any more questions, be sure to let me know.


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