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We are collaborating on Wrike and by doing so, some people add comments or just want to inform their colleagues. However, it is not always necessary to respond to every comment. But no reaction at all would be inappropriate as well. By adding an emoji, you can give a quick feedback to your colleague and let them know that you read the comment.

However, if your colleague doesn't get an inbox notification, it seems as if I am ignoring their comments.


Current Workaround?

At the moment, the only alternative is to add a comment everytime a colleague posts an update.



When adding an emoji to a comment of a colleague, create a notification in the inbox of your colleague that posted an update.

By doing this, quick feedback on updates is possible (time saving). Furthermore, it might be easier to express your feelings towards a comment when using an emoji instead of writing a comment.

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Agree that this should be a no-brainer and extremely helpful.

Furthermore, it seemed to have been possible in the past. Here is a Release information from 2017 that proves this: https://help.wrike.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/115003333489-Release-Notes-December-14?page=1#community_comment_360011759333

What is the reason this was taken out at some point last year (a colleague remembers that it was still possible last year)?

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Thank you for taking the time to post your suggestion in our Product Feedback forum. Once this post reaches 60 upvotes, our Product team will be able to provide you with a status update about your idea. You can read more about the process in this Community post.
Hey Christina Fischer, that note is in reference to being able to view emojis in comments in the Inbox. For example, if you were to tag a teammate in a comment and have an emoji in the text of that comment, your teammate would see the emoji in the Inbox. There is currently no way to receive a notification if someone reacts to a comment you've posted, but it's a nice idea so please be sure to upvote this thread.
Hope this answers your question! If you need anything else, be sure to let me know.
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Being notified of a reaction would be really valuable. This is what we are used to in Microsoft Teams. It's common behavior for people to only react with an emoji and to not leave a comment. Their expectation is that their reaction has been noted and if an action is needed then it will be carried out.


Designer: Here is the final draft. Are you ready for me to package the files?

Customer: [Thumbs up]

(Nothing happens for a week while designer waits to be notified of a response, and then eventually checks the task)


Admittedly, this can also be solved with better communication and education, but this would still be a valuable update and would reduce the lead-time to complete projects

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Hello Aaron Vernon Smith, thank you for taking the time to share your feedback! I've passed it on to the Product team 👍🏼

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