⏩ Releases - Templates, passwords, and a speedy desktop (06/15/2020)

Feature Updates

Desktop App v.3.3.0

We've given our Desktop App an update. Here's what's new:

  • Multi-window mode. Now you can drag tabs out of the window to use Desktop App in multiple windows or on multiple screens.
  • The last open windows are now restored on startup.
  • When you close the window of the Desktop App on Mac OS, it keeps running hidden in the background, so now, when you need it again, it opens quicker. This option can be disabled in settings to lower memory consumption by going to Settings and deselecting "Hide last window on close".

You can download the Desktop App from the Apps & Integrations menu in your Wrike workspace.

New "Remote Work" Template

Working from home? We've added the Remote Work template to our gallery. It's designed to help you optimize your virtual office in Wrike. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

Mass Actions for External Users

When mass-assigning tasks, your external users could see the full list of users in the Workspace. Now, they'll only see themselves and the members of the team with whom the tasks are already shared.

Disable One-Time Passwords

We've added the option to disable the usage of one-time passwords in accounts. It's located in the Security tab of the Account Management menu.


Document Editor Access

In some accounts, collaborators and external users suddenly lost the ability to use the Document editor. This has been fixed.

Google Calendar in Workspace

The option to add a task to a Google calendar was missing from the menu under the three-dot button for some people who had the integration activated in Labs. Now fixed.

Email Notifications After @mentions

In some cases, @mentioned users didn't receive any email notifications about the @mention, even though they had this email setting enabled. Fixed!

Adding Custom Fields in Table View

Sometimes, you would see the "Sorry, we're experiencing a temporary problem. Please, try again later" error message when trying to add or create a custom field by clicking the + icon in the Table view. This has been fixed.


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