Outlook integration full header inclusion (especially sent items)

I love the Outlook connector and use it often!  However, I have to edit most entries after added to Wrike due to information missing in the capture of the email header details copied to the Wrike comments on a task update using the connector.

It isn't such an issue on a received email that only shows From and Received date; but it is confusing and incomplete for a Sent item that is added to show only the From without the recipients from the To.  The sent items also mislabel the date as Received where it is technically Sent.

I still have some formatting challenges using the Outlook desktop connector where it jumbles everything together.  I routinely edit the post after addition.  Just edit and save fixes the formatting (just have to take this action before the edit window closes from the post addition).

Again, LOVE the feature and have been coping with these nuances for a long time so I thought I would post the suggestion in case this could be improved.

Thank you!

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Thank you for sharing your feedback with us, Jen, it's been passed on to the Product team. Any updates, we'll let you know! 

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