How do I stop Wrike Bot from auto assigning a task to myself?

I'm currently creating a project, and each task I create, Wrike Bot assigns it automatically to myself and adds a notification in my inbox.

How can I stop this behavior?

I tried removing myself as a project owner and from every previously assigned task. To no avail.

PS: does anyone know where the Chat Support option went? It disappeared weeks ago. That was one of the main reasons for us to choose Wrike.


Thank you in advance!

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Hi Eric G, sorry for the late reply!

I can see that you've already discussed this with our Support, but for anyone else who might have similar questions:

1) You can access the Live Chat directly on Wrike's Help Center page (login to see it 🙂). You can start a Live Chat from any page except the main page. In your workspace, Live Chat is available for Business and Enterprise subscriptions while they are on a trial and for Premium Support customers. More details on Wrike Support packages can be found here.

2) Auto-assignment happens when you have

1. Custom Workflow with automatic assignment on status change.
To check and amend it go to Account Management menu > Workflow tab > find the needed workflow > check if it has you as a user to assign a task to > remove yourself

2. Request form with automatic assignment of tasks.
To check and amend it please go to Account Management menu > Request forms > find a needed request form > check if you are automatically assigned  > remove yourself.

Have a great day! 

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