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Sometimes you want to keep the column widths reasonable, but still cannot see the entire contents of a given cell in Table View.

Having the Table view row height automatically text wrap and make the rows taller to fit the entire cell's contents would be a great help. Similar to excel's text wrap feature. 


The feature should be enabled or disabled on a per column basis, as in excel.

It's great to have all this rich information in custom fields but if you cant see it all it becomes less useful.


Please up-vote if you would like to see this feature!👍

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Hi Joel Gold! As you may know, this is possible to do using the Table View's full mode:

The team is also aware of a suggestion to make the wrap text functionality more customizable, but they don't have immediate plans to work on it. If/when we have an update on this, we'll make sure to announce on the Community 👍


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