Filter Tasks by Project Fields and Custom Fields



Is it possible to filter -tasks- by -project- fields and custom fields?

Ideally in table view, dashboards and reports.

there are so many useful applications for such a function.


Here are a few use cases (I can think of so many others): 

1) I would like to see active tasks who's project value is greater than 10m$ (we have a custom field for project value)

2) I would like to see the estimation task (we have a custom field on our tasks that classifies them through templates into estimation, finance, design, etc.) of every projects that is due this month. 

3) I would like to see a list of active design tasks of projects of type design-build

4) etc.


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Hi Firas!

It is possible to filter tasks by custom fields in Table View, Dashboards and Reports! Simply select the Folder in which the Project or Folder with the custom field is situated. As you select which filters you would like to place on the view, there will be an option to "Add more filters" at the bottom of the column.

Here you can select the custom field you would like to apply to the view and how it appears. For example, by selecting one involved with currency, you can select whether you would like to see values higher or lower than the value you choose.

Hope this helped! If you have any other questions, let me know!


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