๐Ÿ˜Ž Releases- Approvals Support, Live Comments and our bots go undercover! (10/11/2019)

Feature Updates

Approvals Support in API

  • This one is for all the tech wizards out there - you can launch new approvals and get information about existing ones using the API.

SAML SSO Security Update

  • Now you can delete passwords for your account's users - if your account has SAML SSO enabled. Find the new "Remove passwords" button in the Account Management section. This feature is for admins and/or account owners.

Live Comments in Proofing

  • Just like music, we think it's better when it's live. Now when you update proofing comments, everyone will see the updates in proofing immediately without the need to refresh the page.

Task Approval and Guest Review Dates Synced

  • From now on, if there's a file in an approval, the guest reviews' due date is synchronized with the task approvals' due date.


Making Bots Invisible

  • There's some Wrike Bots that work in the background to help with automation and things like guest reviews. Those bots used to show up in the sharing dialogue, but they don't anymore.

Excel and Wrike Table Improvements In Description Field

  • Scenario 1: You pasted a table (with text in cells) from Excel into a description field. Result: Each cell became its own table in Wrike. Scenario 2: You pasted a table from Excel into a table in Wrike. Result: table formatting stopped working. We fixed both scenarios.

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