Request forms that trigger multiple projects & automation?

Hi there! 

My company has larger integrated campaigns or initiatives that you could think of as an "umbrella" or "parent" project.  I'd like for 1 "Integrated Campaign" request form to yield (based on conditional questions) up to five projects (with individual tasks).  For example: 

We want to launch a new product - a fall inspired yarn: 

1. The integrated campaign request form will yield its own high level brief (ie. higher level deadlines, campaign look & feels, etc.)
2. The integrated campaign requestor, based on form conditional questions, deems the below projects as required for this new yarn launch: 
2. a) Photograph the project (tasks - x, y, z)
   b.) Product announcement email (tasks - x, y, z)
   c.) Product discount email (tasks - x, y, z)
   d.) Site updates (tasks - x, y, z)
3. The completed integrated campaign request form triggers the owners of 2.a), b.), c.) and d.) (who may be different from the initial integrated campaign requestor) to have to submit their own form. 

First of all, can one Wrike request form yield multiple projects?  And second, could a master (or what I'm calling an Integrated Campaign request form) automatically trigger other Wrike users (aka wrike email notification?) to submit supplemental request forms that will live within that existing master or integrated campaign project?



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Kiele Phillips Hey, happy to see you on the Community 🙂

Please check out the post about enhancements in Request Forms: you can now add subprojects and subtasks based on the answer in Request Forms!

Hope this helps and please let me know if you have any questions 🤝

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Hi Kiele Phillips.

I don't know if this answer will help, since it requires a paid Wrike add-on, but we've been able to accomplish very similar functionality using Wrike Integrate.

Essentially, the Wrike request form just generates the high-level initial project/tasks. We created a recipe in Wrike Integrate that looks for specific answers to specific questions (which were mapped to Wrike custom fields in the request form) and generates additional tasks/projects as needed. This approach has worked really well for us.

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Hello Kiele Phillips

I am having a similar issue:

I am trying to create a request form for customer orders. Problem is each article has different amounts and different processes. So I am trying to create a subtask for each individual item from one order.

The integration you were talking about sounds really Interesting so I was wondering? What Integrate did you use?


Kind regards



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