Icon to indicate Task is assigned to MULTIPLE tasks (Detach vs. Delete)

This would help avoid improper deletion of a Subtask when actually a DETACH is appropriate.  Currently you have to be within the Subtask to see the multiple assignments - and even this is hard to decipher the multiple assignments at the top of the page.  This is all even *if* someone is being sensitive to the fact the Subtask might belong to several other Parent tasks.  Thus you have to "open" every task and make sure it is not assigned to other tasks before deletion.

Alternatively, when choosing delete, a warning could pop-up cautioning that the Task is assigned to multiple other tasks and that a Detach may be more appropriate.

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I agree with this.  You guys have amazing flexibility with tasks being able to be subtasks of subtasks, and have multiple parents and live in multiple projects.  But I do agree there is some improvement that could be made with the visibility around where a task resides.  This is a good one.  I'd also like to see the ability to see a nested task's multiple parents more readily.  I often nest to multiple parents, since it's the closest I can come to simply "relating" tasks like you can do in, say, Jira.  Right now there is just a very small, gray text at the top of the subtask showing these parents, and you can't easily distinguish the parents from each other.

Thanks guys!


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