star top comments/ highlight in comments of collaborators.

I find in our organization, that most of the discussion regarding the tasks are done in the comments. A lot of that information gets missed as different calibrators come and go throughout the project. Especially if you have many remote workers. 

I would love to see an option for being able to star top comments to bring them to the top, or highlight important information.

As an example:

My team reports errors and issues within our department, however it's up to IT or the development team to source the true error. In doing so we learn new ways to avoid (or fix on our own) However there is a lot of trouble shooting that goes into the comment section of the task. I would love it if collaborators could highlight, or star comments (made by anyone in the task, not just our own) so that the important information is not lost in the jumble of the thread.

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Folllowing List for Post: star top comments/ highlight in comments of collaborators.
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