Function of task calendar changed - and it sucks!

We use Wrike to manage projects and support questions. We do not use the resource management module as that does not work for us. The additional administrative burden does not outweigh the advantages for us.

The way we used to work with support questions is as follows:

- Most of our users have set their profile settings to set the tasks to 'backlogged' and the default time to 1 hour or 1 minute.

- We created the support tasks asap. Next we estimate the required time and put that in the 'Duration' field. Next we assigned the resource and used the calendar in the task to select the start/end date via drag&drop. 95% of our tasks take les than 1 day.

- Quite often we had to reschule a task, using drag&drop in the task calendar.

This process worked like a charm!

However the functionality of the task calendar changed and drag&drop cannot be used:

- now the first 'click' sets the start date, the second sets the end date. Drag&drop to move a task around does not work anymore

- when clicking the calander the time unit defaults to day - changing the hour or minute as used before. So the profile default setting is useless now. The same applies if you use the date boxes to change the start/end date.

The help desk suggests to use the Gantt chart for reschuduling yet that is as cumbersome as the support tasks are linked to different 'projects'.

It looks like this functionality support the customers of the Resource module, however it realy sucks for customers that do not use this module.

Please revert back to the previous functionality or allow a profile setting that defines the behavior!

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I agree that the new update isn't good. We used the quick links for Today, Backlog, Tomorrow every time when working with a task and now we to set a task for 'today' we have to find the date (lightly highlighted), select it, and then save. 3 more clicks might not seem like a lot but it really adds time. When it was so easy before. 

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Totally agree, when creating task from an email, to process them in Wrike it became a struggle to put the right duration.. Dates keep on skipping and the default time for a task has no effect anymore after changing a date

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I also find this new date widget much harder to use.  At the very least, please bring back the "Today" link to just set both values to the current date!


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Hi everyone, thanks for sharing your feedback on this! I'll make sure to pass it to our Product team. 

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