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In the Proofing and Approving feature, our teams like to review files in a certain order (ie Edit, Copywriter, Account, Art director). We love the collaborative nature the function brings but is there a way to almost "route" this to team mates in a certain order?

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The only way I can think of doing something like this is by making a bunch of subtasks under the main/parent and making them each dependent on the previous one. ie. a task for each of Edit Review > Copywriter Review > Account Review > Art Director Review. So each time a task is completed it would then ping the next person.

You would need to ask each person to add the future person to the review though, as reviewers are always dropped into a single pool for comments and notified when they are added. A very clunky approach to be honest.

The other option would be to make a custom workflow*, where each step of the workflow automatically assigns the task to the next person. So you might have: 'New Task' for when the person makes a task and populates fields, then the 'Edit' >'Copywriter' > 'Account' etc.... at each stage when the task flicks to the new user they would probably have to add themselves to the review and mark up comments.

*You have to activate: Limited Transitions for Workflows, through the page


Again - pretty clunky. This functionality is not neatly inbuilt, so you would need to improvise with what is available. I think Limited Transitions is your best bet to "route" any sort of work order.

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we're having a problem where adding in reviewers after the first reviewer(s) have approved, does not send any notifications at all, even to the person who uploaded the file, nothing in inbox or email saying subsequently added reviewers have approved. there's seemingly no way to see when the reviewer is done without creating subtasks for them to check off. Hmmmmm :( 

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