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I have exported a template to use and have found that there isn't a "depends on" column in the exported file. I have tried to add a column to remedy this and it didn't work. Does anyone know how to add this when the export doesn't have this column?


Here are the column headers that are in my exported excel template

Titlehelp.wrike.com/hc/en-us/articles/210324125-XLS-Export-and-Import?flash_digest=d9082f2c7c3fef1b5388f17b2e425095dbc14a34 \Workflow Status Custom status Assigned To Start Date Duration Duration (Hours) Effort Time Spent (Hours) End Date Start Date Constraint Description


Create a Dependency

dependency between two tasks can be created by using the “Depends On” column 1. Go to the row of the task where you would like to add a dependency and, in the “Depends On” column, enter the key of the task 2 which you want to create a dependency with. In the same cell (without adding any spaces) add one of our dependency codes 3. For example your “Depends On” cell might look like this: 22SS. If you want to add several tasks in the "Depends On" cell, separate them with a comma and space, for example: 22SS, 32FS. Lastly, add start and end dates for the task (or only an end date if the task is a Milestone).  

Accepted dependency codes:

  • FS – the dependent task starts when the predecessor task finishes
  • SS – the dependent task starts when the predecessor task starts
  • FF – the dependent task finishes when the predecessor task finishes
  • SF – the dependent task finishes when the predecessor task starts

Please note, upon import to Wrike, dependent tasks are automatically rescheduled to start as early as possible without breaking the dependencies. However, you can delay some dependent tasks by specifying their preferred start dates in the start date constraints column.

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Hi Korey, thanks for reaching out 🙂
I tested it, the Depends On column is in the exported file. Could you please check the XLS file - the column might be hidden between the other columns (each column is in the alphabetical order - if you don's see the consequent letter, the column is hidden).
Please let me know if that helped you

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