Modfiy Task API to Assign Task to Invited User?


In the Wrike user interface (UI), I am able to assign Tasks to invited users (users who have been invited but have not signed in yet). This is a fantastic feature, because it allows me as an admin to dole out tasks as soon as I invite them - such that when they do get signed in, Tasks are already available to them.

I'm trying to do this using the API. I have about 90 x 70 individual Tasks to assign to about 30 users I intend to invite, however, it appears that the API does not let you do this. The issue appears to be that the API doesn't recognize invited users and they do not appear to have IDs.

1. When I use "Query Contacts", the invited users are not present in the list of Contacts/Users.

2. When I use "Get Task" for a Task that I has already (via the UI) been assigned to an invited user, I look to the responsibles array to see if I can uncover the ID. However, there are no ids in the responsibles array. It's as if the task is unassigned.


Is this on the roadmap? Am I missing something?

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Hi Faris, it's not possible to do this if the user has not confirmed the invite.

The Workspace operates differently in this aspect compared to API. Once the person confirms the invite the API call will be available.

There's no workaround for this at the moment. But perhaps other here on Community may share what they do in this case 👍


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