commenting to @assignees for a project

I would LOVE it if the @assignees would work for everyone assigned tasks and subtasks within a project to work.  For example, right now the @assignees works only at the Task or Subtask level.  I want to talk to everyone on the project using this @assignees handle.

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Hey Andrea - so just to make sure I'm understanding, can you take a look at the example below and see if I'm getting your idea.

ACME Project Folder

  • ACME Project Management Folder (Assignees: Bill & Bob)
  • *** ACME PM Task 1 (Assignee: Bill)
  • *** ACME PM Task 2 (Assignee: Bob)
  • ACME Production Team Folder (Assignees: Billy Bob & Bobby Bill)
  • *** ACME Prod Task 1 (Assignee: Billy Bob)
  • *** ACME Prod Task 2 (Assignee: Bobby Bill)
  • ACME Invoice Task (Assignee: Fred)

If you're on the ACME project folder and comment there @assignee, Bill, Bob, Billy Bob, Bobby Bill & Fred will all get notifications? If you were on the ACME Production Team Folder and comment @assignee, then only Billy Bob and Bobby Bill will get a notification?


Thank you!

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@Tim - I want use the @assignee to talk to Bill & Bob assigned to the ACME Project Folder.  We use team folders but in our world if I @mention everyone in that Team Folder too many people would get a message.  

Thank you!



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@Andrea - that's a great idea. We have team based groups, but people often complain of not using them b/c too many people will get the notification. Nice suggestion. 

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This would be really helpful. When our project leads have general updates, they tend to communicate that via email. If they could send one message to everyone assigned a task within their project, we could keep those communications within the project in Wrike. 👍


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