Delayed Start Date to avoid batching work

Is there  a way to have a task start shortly after a predecessor task starts, but not necessarily waiting for the predecessor task to end completely?  The predecessor task does not need to be completed for the next step to start. 

For example:  We have artwork updates for a big project.  While the artwork is started on 10/30/2018, getting through all 100 pieces won't happen until 12/1/2018, artwork will be available on a weekly basis and additional tasks can start after artwork is completed (supplies bids, proofing, system set up).


In Microsoft Project, the "delayed start" was SF+5, meaning you can use the start date of the predecessor and add 5 days prior to the next steps to start.  

This avoids batching work.  




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Not without some sort of placeholder task that has 5 days. If I am right, I think this would be an excellent post for Product Feedback!!!

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