Tracking Project Completion - On Time or Not?


I'm a huge fan of Wrike but have one thing that I really think needs to be added.  I complete a lot of projects every year and I want to be able to see what projects I completed on time and which ones I didn't.  It seems like Wrike doesn't support the ability to provide this key measurable.  Someone please tell me if there is a way.  

Basically, I want to know if the project was completed when I originally said it was going to be or not.  Isn't this what we all really care about??

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Stephanie Westbrook

Hi Kevin! Paul asked a similar question not too long ago, if you want to check out the answer there it goes into some potential workarounds. That said, what we mention there are workarounds. I went ahead and moved this thread over to our Product Feedback section so that our Product Team can more easily see it and so that others can upvote your request. 🙌



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