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Anyone have good trade show project template?



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    Anna Wallace

    Hi Kara!

    We don't do trade shows specifically, but we do a lot of other events! I worked with our Events Specialist to come up with a template that she's been using for a while.

    We like to use what we call "empty tasks" (no due date, assignee, etc.) as a way to categorize all the other tasks. This prevents you from creating sub-projects and folders which can get a little messy.ย 

    I also recommend that any task that has a HARD deadline be set as a milestone. (Invoices/forms due, actual dates of the show, etc.) I also highly recommend setting dependencies for events in Wrike!


    I hope this helps some!

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    Devon Marie Valastro

    Hi Anna!ย 

    This post was so helpful, thank you so much! Is this a project or a folder? Also, what information do you put within the tasks? Is it more along the lines of planing or general information?ย 

    I am currently trying to make a request form along with templates for sales trade shows and am a little lost.ย 




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    (Edited )

    @all Moved this to the new Marketing Teams section. Great stuff Anna ๐Ÿ‘

    Stephen Community Team at Wrike ๐ŸŒŽDiscover... Wrike Discover and become a Wrike expert. Click here to get started

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    Anna Wallace

    Hey Devon!

    Each event is set up as a project. Anything that has a set start and end date is a project and anything that used to categorize is a folder. Then, the empty tasks serve to organize the tasks even more! So all tasks that have to do with communicating with our team will go under TEAM COMMUNICATION, all tasks related to supplies under SUPPLIES, and so on.


    You might also have a task here for packing up all the supplies!

    The reason we do it this way is because events have SO many tasks and different components. If you're looking at everything in a huge, unorganized list, it gets really overwhelming fast! You can also break this down even further into phases: Pre-Event, Event, and Post-Event. That way, you know what you need to do before, the day of/during, and after.ย 

    My best advice for creating a template is outlining ALL of the tasks you might need. This helps you cover all your bases and make sure you're not missing anything. For example, we ALWAYS have to send out a staff email to get volunteers for community events. But we might not always have to gather donations. We'd set both up as tasks in the template and review it to delete things we don't need for this particular event.

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