When will new Gmail Wrike plugin work as well as the old one?

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I recently updated to the new version of Gmail for Business which has the Wrike plugin on the right-hand side drawer. It looks prettier than the old one (Create Task button at bottom of email) but the functionality is really poor by comparison.

When will it reach feature parity with the old plugin?

List to improve:

  • You can't edit the name of the task from within the plugin. You have to open the task in Wrike (loading...) which wastes a lot of time when you're adding a lot of tasks
  • There's no auto-fill for folders or assignees. You have to type out the name of the folder/assignee and hit search, wait for it to respond, and then select. 

It really increases the time and effort to add a task. I have the sads.

-- Sholto

Sholto Macpherson DigitalFirst.com

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I have recently lost the ability to use the (Create Task button at bottom of email) function, and instead, added the Gmail Wrike plugin to see if that would work.

Unfortunately, the functionality is not the same.

Suggested improvements:

  • Ability to edit the title, instead of having to open the task in Wrike to do so (as mentioned in the previous post).
  • Allow the Add to folder/project and Add Assignee fields to auto-populate. You have to type, click search, then select. (as mentioned in the previous post).
  • Add the ability to select due dates for the task. You have to open the task in Wrike to add/change the due date.
  • Along with the due dates, add in the ability to select if the task is planned or backlogged or a milestone.
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We would also like the ability set due dates. The new plug-in is also a LOT slower than the old one. The old one worked perfectly!

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I find the new Wrike plugin much less functional as well. Wish list: 

  • I'd like suggested projects/assignee to be show up without having to click "Seach" - it's an additional step & gets you a much longer list than the previous suggested items
  • The Assignee should default to the user, or at least the user's icon should show up as soon as the field is selected
  • Definitely need to be able to edit due dates without opening a new instance of Wrike

My coworker just said "it took longer for me to use the plugin than it did for me to do the task". 

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I just left very similar feedback. The new plugin is a huge time sink. 

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I agree with all these comments.

The Wrike Add-In for Gmail is a massive disappointment.

(for comparison the Outlook plug-in MUCH better).

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The old system allowed a separate task to be created for every individual email/reply in a thread. The new system doesn't. It will only create a task from the last email. I now have to copy and paste intermediate threads into a new email and send it to myself to be able to create a task from it. Similarly when someone replies to an email that already has a task created that reply doesn't show up in the task. Have to copy and paste it. This gets really time consuming when there are many replies coming in that need to be copied which is a common scenario for me.

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A link to the original message is missing. Other products do it very well, and it's very useful.

I need this "back link" for certain conditions: 
- most of my tasks are sent by e-mail, by colleagues who are not members of my Wrike team.
- if the task can be processed within the day, I don't need to transfer to Wrike, I process the task, and answer directly.
- if the task requires more development, I transfer to Wrike.
- once the task is completed, I must communicate it to the requester. 
- for that, I have to access the original message, to write a reply. 
   A. If I have the link, I can archive the message after forwarding it to Wrike, it frees my inbox and my mind. And to answer, I quickly access it by simply clicking on the link.
   B. If I don't have the link, I must keep the message easily accessible, either keep it in the inbox (cluttered), or move it to a waiting folder. I have to look for this message to answer him, it's a waste of time.

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Has the add-on improved at all in the last couple of years?

I gave up using it and just came looking to see if there was any improvement... didn't seem to be in my quick test but I'm interested to hear if anyone else had seen things pick up?

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Hello Adrian Smith, thank you for posting. 

Currently, it's not possible to change the title from Gmail directly, all capabilities of Wrike for Gmail Add-On are listed here. 

Please also allow me to share a little detail on how we process Product Feedback. We receive many great ideas on Community, and we pass on all feedback to our Product team. If you'd like to find out more, this article explains what happens after we receive Product feedback. 

We check with our team and assign a status after a thread receives more than 60 upvotes according to our Product Feedback Guidelines & Statuses. This suggestion at the moment needs more support. In the meantime, if there are any updates in relation to this suggestion, we'll be sure to update you here. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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