Communicating with clients?

How do you guys communicate with your clients through Wrike?

We have been using Basecamp for 6 years now and really want to switch to Wrike. But Wrike does not seem to solve a very basic need we have:
Communicating with our clients in general discussions. As there are only tasks available, our clients have no way of starting a discussion with us in Wrike (Collaborators), our clients would need to use regular email to reach out. In basecamp we have more discussion-threads than we have tasks/to-dos. Our clients love to be able to use the discussion feature where they can effortlessly start a discussion on topics like: 

- We need another payment method in our store. What do you recommend? 
- How much would it cost to redesign that part of our website? 

These are just client communication that usually ends up as tasks or a project. Going back to regular email for that kind of communication would be a pain and will never happen. 

Are there any plans to include something like just a "discussion" that can like amongside tasks in projects and folders? 

Best regards, 
Thomas Kulvik

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Hey thomas,

You could create a form, so your clients can initiate a discussion. That would automatically will generate a task, which you could use to invite the client to communicate with you.

Cheers / Ben

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Hi Thomas,

Did you every figure out a good work around for this issue? We're on the cusp of moving from 10+ years on Basecamp to Wrike, but everything I've tried doesn't have an easy client communication portal. Clients will hate it and will likely end up emailing again, which makes us lose centralized control. 

I thought Request Forms would work, but it looks like you can't direct Requests to specific folders (e.g. for each client.)

I'd love to hear your experience.


Stacey Powell


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