Forms—More Options for Date Actions, Consolidating Fields (External)

Consolidating Fields (External Forms)

It would help create a better experience for the end-user if the required fields automatically added by Wrike to external forms, such as name, email, and CAPTCHA, could have the option of being included on the same page as the form you've created. (i.e., users don't have to click "NEXT" to go to another form page just to fill out those additional fields.)

Please strongly consider this for a near-future update, as it's a small thing that most likely would not take a lot of time to implement, but would pay off in spades for users over time.

More Options for Date Actions (All Forms)

Having the option to set task dates (as opposed to project dates) based on form date fields would be extremely useful. For instance, I have a project template with 5 tasks that I tie to a form, and I would like the "Start Date" and "Due Date" on my form to determine the beginning date for Task 1 and the end date for Task 5 (respectively).

Wrike forms are already great, but this would streamline them that much more for the user, thereby increasing the likelihood that they would complete them.


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