Get user vacation data from wrike api's

The use case if - i want gather the timelogs for days for all the users.

Now in case if a user is on leave , and there is no entry on Wrike then how would we know if the user has genuinely missed entering data in wrike on he is on leave,

That is why i want the vacation data for the users from Wrike.

Also i want the list of deactivated users from Wrike.

Is there any way i can get this information from api's

Looking forward for you reply.



Snehal Nemade


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Hi Snehal, thanks for posting and welcome to the Community! 😎

Sorry for the delay getting back here. I can see you spoke to our Support Team about adding this API detail and although it's not currently available, we have logged the feedback for later review. Thank you for the suggestion 🙌

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