Live Session: 5 Secrets to Successful Sharing


We had a great session with you earlier this week! As promised (or if you didn't get a chance to attend) here are follow up resources: 

If you have questions specific to your use case, join our Customer Success Managers in the live interactive session on Mastering Collaboration and Sharing.
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Stephanie the hyperlink for the "registered for the session" appears to be broken.

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Bailey, thank you for that! Fixed now 🤗

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Below is a list of Q&A from our session today. Hope you find it helpful. 😊

Q: Will you be sharing resources from this session?
A: Yes! You can find a recording on the session on this thread and there's a pdf in the first post. We'll upload docs about 24 hours after the session, so hold tight if you don't see it yet. 
Q: When you @mention someone do they see the entire comment stream from when the task was created or only from when they are mentioned?
A: They see the entire comment stream from when the task was created. 
Q: If you invite someone as a Collaborator, do they need to set up a login and password?
A: Yes, all Wrike users including Collaborators log in into their accounts with personal credentials. The only time you don't need a login and password is if your account is set up with single-sign-on. 
Q: How do you find the button to disable inherent sharing?
A: Just go to Wrike Labs, scroll to "Turn off inherited sharing" and check the box next to "enable". Afterwards, return to your Workspace and refresh your browser tab. The ability to turn off the inherited sharing will be available.  
Q: If I turn off the inherited sharing, to I have to manually unshare that Folder from people who it has already been shared with?
A: Yes, when you turn off inherited sharing, everyone who was shared, stays shared. We don't want to mess up your data. 
Q: If an Enterprise account admin logs in as a user, will the user know? Will the user be logged out of their account when this happens?
A: The user won't get a notification, but they will be logged out of their account (if they're logged in).  
Q: If you share a project with someone and then later decide to remove them what do they see (or not see) after you remove them? Are they removed from Subfolders/Subprojects as well?
A: If you share a Project with someone and then unshare it from that person, then they will no longer be able to see the Project. They'll also lose access to Subfolders - unless you go in and share those Subfolders with them (remember you can share a Subfolder without sharing the top level Folder). 
Q: If you exclude a user from a user group, will they lose access to all the Folders and tasks shared with that group?
A: Yes, they will lose access. The only exception is if they've been individually shared with that person (@mentioned by name for example). 
Q: If I tag a task in a Folder, that task is shared with everyone who has access its parent Folder, right? But what happens if I tag a task into a Folder and then untag it ? Will it still be available to those users?
A: Yes, when you tag a task into the Folder it is shared with everyone who has access to that FolderThe task will be shared while it's in the Folder and once you untag it, people will only retain access to the task if they were individually shared on it. 
Q: If a user has full access to a Folder, but the user is in a User Group that has limited access to that Folder, will the user be able to share the Folder?
A: Yes, they'll be able to share the Folder. 
Q: I still don't get it, why do you suggest making new users in your account external? They'll still be able to create and delete new items...
A: It's really up to you - this is just one option for limiting who can share what. For example, we sometimes do this with new team members while they're in training and still getting used to things
Q: I went to and do not see the option for the inherit sharing. I am the owner of our account.
A: Try reloading the tab and you should see the option there. Friendly reminder: the ability to turn off Inherited sharing is only available for Enterprise subscriptions.

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