Task Template Suggestions (load to your WRIKE)

Working on setting up WRIKE for my organization and it would be great to have a section on your website with suggestions of task templates for various type of teams / projects. 

Having a feature to load said template into WRIKE would be even better. 🙌
This will allow for a great guideline and save time for teams using WRIKE. 
They would then be able to weak the task lists, assign etc. according to their team

Examples such as these would be great : 

  • Branding Design Checklist
  • Ad Design / Approval process
  • Landing Page Design / Developing / Launch
  • Project / Product Launch
  • Email Marketing Campaign
  • Application design / Developing
  • Website Desk / Launch Checklist 
  • Social Media Editorial Calendar
  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • Employee Performance Review

This would be an awesome add-on to your already great product. 


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Awesome post, Kelly - this is a great idea!

Often our Blog team go into detail about creating industry/team specific templates. Check out this link where I've filtered Blogs by 'templates' - some articles might be helpful.

We'll make sure to bring this post to the attention of the relevant team. Thanks for sharing the idea! 🙌

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This IS a great idea. Thanks, Kelly. That was our biggest problem in actually managing to continue using Wrike - proper setup. When you're not a natural-born planner and don't know so much about project management, it's pretty time-consuming to get set up in such a way that is easy for everyone to use (and continue to use). Soliciting ideas from advanced users and having a dedicated page to only templates would be pretty cool. 

Thanks for the link, Stephen. 

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