How to prevent users from deleting tasks (in some specific area) ?

Some of my colleagues are mistaking the completion of a task with the deletion of a task.

Ideally, I would like to be able to specify who has the right to delete tasks in which parts of the folder hierarchy.

That way only the owner of a subhierarchy could clean wrong tasks. All other tasks would always remain available for archive/negotiation/legal purpose.

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This is becoming an issue with our team as well. I would be interested in a possible solution for this.

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Hi guys, thanks for your input here, and thanks for posting in our Product Feedback section so our Product Team have visibility of the idea.

I've been thinking about this and for now, I think Project and Folder Permissions might be helpful. Specifically, providing 'Editor' type access to Folders/Projects. By adding this permission level for some people will mean they won't be able to delete tasks in the Folder/Project you choose.

However, it's worth noting that this would also limit their permissions to do other things like sharing Folders or adding tags to tasks so it's best to review the full permissions for Editors here.

I'm more than happy to discuss this further and hear your feedback about this option 😊

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Thanks. It looks like it could be the answer. I have just one question. On the description of the editor right it says that they don't have the following right: "Share Tasks, Folders, and Projects"

Does that mean that they can not use the @<USER> notification tool in the comment? That would be a no-go for me

Because it seems to me that once a user has been notified by a  @<USER> notification they are added to the follower of the task, aren't they?

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Stephanie Westbrook

@Pascal You're right, when you @mention someone in Wrike the task is shared with them and they're added as a follower of the task. So, if the task is already shared with someone, Editors will be able to @mention them, if they don't already have access then Editors can't @mention them. Let me know if that makes sense. 

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I would like to comment here on the fact that the Editor Role does eliminate the ability to delete tasks, but I feel that the ability to "convert" tasks into subtasks should be a separate functionality and permission. Typically a person working in a folder that has permission to create a task should also have the permission to organize their tasks. I get maybe wanting to ask an admin to or someone with "Full" permissions to delete, but to organize.  Not working in our environment. So the issue I was trying to resolve of not allowing people to accidentally move/drag folders so I made everyone Editors, quickly turned into "Why can't I organize and move a task to be a sub task now"


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