Is there a way (better way?) to create a new sub task via email?


I like using my email as an editor - and - I like sending in updates to tasks via email.

I like creating tasks via email..   but.. I wish it was just as easy to create SUB-tasks via email.



I'm not sure if what I'm asking is the same as the topic: Email a Task to a Subfolder covered here

I think it could be made more easy to create sub-tasks via email if there was a clickable link featured in the top-right "permalink" pane. See the 4th item I've added in this mockup:

Whether it is a hyperlink (which I realize probably works better with desktop clients that recognize the mailto:// protocol) or if it's more like the prior fields that give you a pre-formatted subject featuring the current folder path in square brackets..

I think that would be SUPER useful.

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Hi Brian! I just sent this feedback over to our Product Team, thank you for sharing the idea and taking the time to create such an awesome mockup :)

You're right, there's no way to create a subtask through email integration right now, but I wanted to share a tip which could potentially help make the process quicker. If you usually create subtasks, you can create a designated Folder and email the tasks there. When you log in to Wrike, open the Folder and convert the tasks into subtasks. This will help ensure that there aren't any you might have missed. Happy to hear your thoughts and answer any questions about this!

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Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

This would be great! Please put this on your guys list.

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