Dashboards Open in New Tab (hopefully a bug)

As a manager, I have quite a few dashboards, most of which were pinned. I say "were" pinned because a few weeks ago I noticed that if I clicked "Dashboards" in the top left, I could see all my dashboards in an easy drop down menu. 🙌 So I deleted all my dashboard pins to make room for more useful pins.

That's when the annoyance started. Because our IT team refuses to approve the Wrike app (which I think is just a web wrapper anyway), my whole team has the Wrike website installed as an "app" through Edge. This pins it to the task bar and makes it feel like a native app.

Unfortunately, I discovered that this dashboard dropdown, for whatever reason, opens up every dashboard I click on in a new tab. This would be annoying in the first place (as I don't think anything else in Wrike opens in a new tab), but because we use Wrike as a web app it's super-annoying because it opens the new tab in Edge, sometimes needing to start Edge just to do it.

Anyone willing to commiserate?

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This has been driving our team crazy. It also happens when you open a dashboard widget and click on the project or folder. It opens said project or folder in a new tab.

Also frustrating that the dashboards don't automatically update anymore. Like when you mark a task complete, it stays there until you refresh or revisit.

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In a world where middle-click to open in a new tab is a thing, I don't think there's every much justification to automatically open things in a new tab. Certainly not when you're working within a single website.

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All, thank you for your feedback. Please let me explain what's going on there. Classic dashboards are typically accessed via the Dashboards screen, and there is a drop-down with the list of all dashboards accessible to the users. Over time, this list became a bottleneck because in large teams/organizations there could be dozens if not hundreds of dashboards accessible to a user, and it's hard to navigate a flat list of so many entries. It's a well-known issue reported by many users, and it's something we want to address. 

Recent UX changes introduced the sidebar and the concept of space-level tools, including reports, dashboards, etc. Now, it's possible to organize dashboards into spaces, and users can pin the most frequently used dashboards. This is the recommended way to organize and navigate the dashboards moving forward. 

Unfortunately, this approach cannot seamlessly coexist with the classic one. Still, users developed a lot of muscle memory and are looking for dashboards via the Dashboards screen, so we had to bring new dashboards that were upgraded from the classic ones into the list there, but we open them in a new tab when they are selected. I understand that it's unnatural, but it's a compromise, and I strongly recommend transitioning to space-level tool-based navigation for dashboards moving forward. 

Anna, can you please share an example of a project opening in a new tab from a dashboard? It shouldn't work that way, so I'm curious about what's happening in your case.

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