Which Effort Should I Use?

We have a lot of granular tasks in our process. Some only 15m long. Currently, we have the effort set to 'Basic', with 3 or 4 people assigned. 

When Carrianne is done proofing, she removes herself from the task; it reallocates time between Brett and Carly. However, they still each only need to spend 15m on that task.


What is the best way to remedy this situation? I'd guess that 80% of our tasks are set up this way. And it just recently started reallocating the time. 


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Aaron K.

Hi Carly Erickson,

Welcome to the Community and thanks for your question!

There are 3 types of effort: Basic, Daily, and Flexible. You can find a detailed description of each type in our Help Center here.

Since you want each of your users to work 15 minutes on the task, and you don't want the total task effort to be equally redistributed when an assignee is removed, then Flexible effort is needed. With Flexible effort you can specify the amount of time that each assignee should work on the task for each working day.

However, perhaps a simpler approach in your specific case is to keep the effort set to Basic, but ask Carrianne not to remove herself as an assignee. This way the effort remains distributed over your 3 assignees and you have a record of the 15 minutes of effort assigned to each user on the task.

Please let us know how it goes and if you have questions 😃

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