Regular Audits ensure you are using Wrike to its fullest!

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A best practice that I have found particularly useful is an annual audit of your processes, request forms, workflows, and blueprints. With my team using Wrike for 3-4 years now, the capabilities of Wrike have evolved greatly over time. While it is easy to implement smaller features that Wrike releases (thank you!), it is easy to get stuck in a rut with a process that is many years old. 

I fully recommend doing an audit of processes if you had to "make something work" when you implemented Wrike a while back, but now there is a new feature that you could update the process with and roll out to your team. 

A specific instance that happened within the last year is how our team tracks and completes quality checks. As a reporting group, we value doing checks on our reports before sending to our clients. When we launched Wrike, the best we could do was to create 2 projects per recurring report we have (1 for the recurrence/task and 1 for the quality check project). This sometimes meant a lot of administrative work when a recurring report was requested or cancelled. 

After the last collaborate conference, I reconsidered what we could do about our quality check process and decided to try to use/adapt approvals to meet our needs. Not many teams in our company currently use approvals, but I found it was an easier and more automated process for our entire team! Everyone has seen this as a win and we have less administrative work but similar amount of tracking/reporting! 

Are there any new features Wrike has released recently that you could update a process with? 

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That's really great advice Devree Czupinski! From my personal perspective, I think that with the release of Wrike's Automation engine, many things could be updated to improve & automate the processes (it was certainly like that for me).

Thanks so much for sharing this 🙌

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