POST request to /folders/.../webhooks gives error

and got this response:
"errorDescription": "Method '[GET] /folders/{FOLDER_ID}/webhooks' is not supported",
"error": "method_not_found"
I'm 100% sure I made a POST request. I tried in python with,
and in Postman with the request type set to POST, and got the same response.

I was able to make this work. I had to configure the postman setting to keep the same HTTP method when following redirects, because the default is to use GET. After that, I got an "invalid request parameter" which only went away after I removed the "secret" param.

Can someone please let me know if there are certain formatting considerations that must be made when sending the client secret?

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Hi alexander lang, welcome to the Community 👋🏻

I've raised a Support ticket so our team can investigate this for you and provide a resolution. You'll receive an email confirmation about this soon and the team will follow up to assist further. Thanks for posting!

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