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I don't want to overload this forum with my concerns (private support units will be booked by my company soon anyway).

But I believe that the following problem is of interest to several users:

The content of any custom HTTP request is unfortunately not displayed in the community recipe templates. But this would be very helpful for the learning process. I could not find any help in the whole Wrike and Workato docs how to design the JSON response bodies (common data models). for example is not described in great detail and doesn't help regarding how to design the data model schema.

Is there a link to a page which could help me better?

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Hello Thomas Winkler, I can see that our Advanced Support experts replied to you already via email, but I'm reposting their reply here just in case it's helpful to other Community members 🤓

Detailed JSON response schemas can be found on our Developers page by expanding each particular method call. In case of Attachments it looks like this: 

Speaking about custom HTTP requests in Wrike Integrate, indeed, the data schema doesn't get defined automatically. However, you can always run a test Job for your recipe containing the call, open the output of custom-call step, copy the response, and paste it into the JSON response body. Attaching a few screenshots for reference:

​​Please let us know if you have any questions 🙋🏻‍♀️​​

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