Restrict or lock a task for editing

Sometimes, you simply need to prevent tasks being changed. The use cases are many, I will provide some at the end of this post.

Basic Info:
It would be amazing if there were a check-box or a task menu setting to mark a task as "locked for editing" that would simply allow the task to be viewed only (similar to the read only access role). The setting can be reversible, so if you want to allow editing simply uncheck the "locked for editing" box. 

If the ability to edit this box was somehow tied to either access roles or license type that would be even more of a game changer. Say for example that one license type admin has the ability to lock or unlock tasks, that would let me solve many of our challenges with request forms being edited after submission or canceled tasks being awakened from the dead unexpectedly.


Advanced Info:

Being able to the lock for various editable parts of a task would really expand the functionality; for example;

  • task editing locked
  • task title locked
  • task description locked
  • task status changes locked
  • task custom fields locked
  • task dates locked
  • task comments locked
  • task assignment changes locked


API & Automations:

If the locking/unlocking could be set via API and automations many of our wrike challenges would be solved.



  • We use tasks to track permits, once a permit is expired (status changed to expired) I do not want the task status being changed back to active)
  • We use tasks to track awarded contracts, once a contract is closed (status changed to signed) we don't want the task status being changed back to in-progress or started
  • When tasks are IT support tickets, i want to prevent the task description (ticket scope) from being edited while IT is trying to resolve the original ticket.
  • preventing request forms for internal users from being edited after submission, which has no current work around.
  • locking task comments when a task is completed or canceled.


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Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice
Hello Joel Gold, thank you for sharing your use case and detailed feedback here.
I'll pass on your suggestions to our Product team 🙋🏻‍♀️

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