Copy project custom field value to all subtasks of this project


I spent the whole day in vain to solve this task with Wrike Integrate:

Via GET request and the path{folderid}/tasks?subTasks=true  I'm grabbing all the tasks of a specific project/folder.

Now I pick up the value of a custom field of this project to paste this value via repeat action into the same custom field of all the subtasks determined via the request before. I tried this in several ways without success. 

My problem is, the request above delivers a range or list of several Task-IDs. I'm not able to grab a unique task ID to update his custom field value within the repeat action loop.

PS: I am also a bit unsure if I have already designed the response of this GET query correctly. I have inserted there in the body and as a header only a string field ... To check and to see the output, I tried to write this response into a log or a variable list, but I didn't really succeed.
It's a pity that in all community templates the content of (custom) actions is not shown or can't be taken over. This would be very beneficial to learn the correct operation.

Any suggestions?

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Hi Thomas Winkler, thank you for reaching out!

I can see that our advanced support agent got back to you on this 👍

Please let me know if I can help you with anything else 🤗

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