Showing Effort in Wrike Analyze

I'm trying to build a pivot table widget in Wrike Analyze that shows the amount of effort booked to each parent task when the effort is booked to a subtask.  I set it up so that multiple people are booking their time to the parent task (lots of subtasks), and my effort is associated with a subtask where no one books time.  The idea was that it would all get aggregated together at the parent task level.

For example, a row on my pivot table would show the user name, parent task name, timelog hours booked, and total effort associated with the parent task.  I'm hoping I can see effort get aggregated up to the parent task level like I see in the table view, but I don't know how to do it in wrike analyze.  Let me know if you can help or if I need to readdress the layout of my tasks.  Thanks.

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Welcome to the forums Sean Condren 🙂 I've asked my colleagues to reach out to you about this ASAP 👍

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