Releases-Recurrences, Dependencies, and Performance (11/29/17)

Feature Updates

  • Basic Formatting for Recurrent Tasks
    • The new recurrent task editor has basic formatting options ๐Ÿ™Œ. Make text italic, bold, add lists, and a couple more things.ย 
  • Dependency Chain Reminders
    • Old news: Wrike sends a reminder when it's time to start working on your task in a dependency chain. New news: If the assignee is @mentioned on said dependent task within an hour of when the task's predecessor was completed, then Wrike won't send a reminder.
  • Timeline and Workload View Performance
    • To improve performance we've tweaked the number of tasks you can see on the Timeline and Workload Views.


  • File Upload Status Shown
    • For a while, when attaching files to Wrike, you couldn't see the file's upload status. Now you can.ย 
  • Recurrent Task Editor
    • Before: The description that you saw in the recurrent task editor didn't always match the description you saw in recurrent tasks. Now: They match (as they should).
Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

What is the newest and current version of Wrike? Specifically, the desktop version. I just downloaded the latest update, and I installed it, and via "About Wrike" it shows that my current version is 1.2.0 (ย  I am just asking to ensure I am running the latest version.

Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice
Stephanie Westbrook

Hi Ryan, the version you have is the latest version. The appย actually automatically updates, so no need to worry about downloading a new version!


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