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Hello Wrike! We are new to using this platform and we're wondering if you have some email campaign workflow examples that are already being used within the Wrike community. We created some initial workflows (eg. NightLife Email Workflow) but we're hoping you can give us some tips before we go into production. Any insight would be much appreciated. 


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Hi Hassan, 

I noticed your post has been hanging out and I had a thought,  email campaign processes are so different from company-to-company that other's might not feel they have an example that would be relevant enough to share. Instead of offering you our immature marketing workflow - I want to offer a different workflow - I am confident you can transfer the concept. This workflow is for our Inside Sales Process. 

Before we created the workflow; we created, tested, and refined a process map (swimlane flowchart).  This took a month.  A lousy process will result in a lousy Wrike.  Get that right first...  just sayin'

The tasks in Wrike correspond to the boxes in the process map.  The workflow status corresponds to the stages.  For instances,  we could have 20 accounts in the "1. Account Prework" stage, 10 accounts in the "3. Converse", 5 accounts in the "4. Service"  stage, and 2 accounts in the "5. Cleanup" stage. 


Now that I have the process map and the stages setup as workflows - I am ready to transfer the process map into tasks in Wrike.  I create a project in Wrike (so that I can use it as a template via requests).  I like to number by tasks when they need to occur in order.  This way, if a user has the wrong sorting - they will quickly notice the discrepancy.  Below is an example.  Notice there are three tasks that are considered "Account Prework" 

Here is an example: 

None of this matters if you don't have a great dashboard to see it all.  That is the real power of workflow statuses.  You can setup a dashboard where each column corresponds to workflow statuses.  Here is what a dashboard might look like.  I have removed all of the tasks to hide our customer information. 

Now, if three inside sales people are managing accounts using the process - we can see who needs to do what when.  

So,  to transfer this into your world.  Maybe you have workflow statuses like:


  1. Proposed
  2. Copy
  3. Draft
  4. Scheduled
  5. In Progress
  6. Review


  1. Completed
  2. Closed


  1. Pending Approval
  2. Waiting for Someone


  1. Cancelled


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I just noticed I pasted an outdated task list.  Here is the correct one: 


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Hi Hassan, welcome to Wrike and the Community!
Patrick's response is a great example of good ways to go! I think reading the Wrike building blocks here would also be useful, as to ensure you build out the workflow correctly. 
I don't have an exact template workflow for an email campaign, but I believe a social media campaign example may use some of the same principles so why not check out this related blog on social media campaigns.
You can also download this example Excel template of a typical workflow for a full marketing campaign that may help too. You can import an Excel file to Wrike too using this template format.
I'd fully recommend registering for this, Ask the Expert webinar on optimizing your workflow.
If you have any questions, I'm happy to discuss here! 🙂
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We've been honing our Email workflow for a few months. Based on our process, this is what we're working with.

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