[Duplicate] Assigning Custom Workflows after Tasks have been Created

The way Wrike currently works is that once you enable a specific custom workflow to the project/folder, all newly created tasks adopt the first active custom status of this workflow. All existing tasks keep the original or default workflow. Often we don’t identify that a custom workflow is necessary until after tasks are added. Wrike directs you to use mass editing to change each task status. In my case, this resulted in sending over 300 alerts to users that the status had changed when we were simply trying assign the appropriate workflow. Going forward, we’re training to determine the workflow and assign before adding tasks.
However, this is a very unfriendly design. I can’t imagine a scenario where a user would want to change the workflow for an entire project/folder but not impact existing tasks. My suggestion to Wrike would be to offer functionality that automatically updates the workflow assigned at the task level to the custom workflow. The task status if anything other than New (or the first active status), the task status would remain as is but the drop down would offer the custom workflow. At minimum, give users the option to change existing task workflow when changing at the project/folder level.

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Stephanie Westbrook

Thanks for sharing this post Clair. It's a good point and I can completely understand why changing the workflow may add some manual actions to update existing tasks.  
In some use cases, certain tasks may need a different workflow than others within a Project/Folder, so by default, the newly applied Workflow won't auto-edit tasks you have already created. However, I can see why having an option to update existing tasks would be very useful so thank you for the suggestion. 
We've already made our Product Team aware of this feedback from Mark's existing post where the same idea is suggested, so it would be great if you could upvote that post so all feedback is in the one place. Feel free to also comment there with any additional information or use case to help our teams understand it's implementation. I'll mark this post as duplicate and ensure all members are directed to the same place.
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