How to plan with future hires?

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I am trying to plan a project to determine the number of new hires we need. Is there a way to create pseudo users who you can assign tasks to without needing an email for each user?



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This isn't exactly what you are looking for, but it works.  Create yourself some gmail aliases under one gmail account.  I used this to deploy Wrike at a sister company.  Handy.  This way, all the invites go out to "different" email addresses, but all come into one gmail account.  You can set up 5 or so aliases.  In my example, I set up users to represent departments for demonstration purposes.



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Hua, I'm not sure if this method will be helpful, but if you have a gmail account there is an easy way to create 'unique' email addresses that all go to the same inbox.

Lets say your email address is

You can add +anything after the main part of your name, and it will still come to your inbox.

For example, all of these would still hit your inbox but to apps like Wrike they would register as unique email addresses: \

Not sure if that helps you, but wanted to post that trick just in case.


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