How to manage Wrike with time frame (Agenda style)?


Since we are a small business where we have to manage sales, business meeting and project task, how could I use Wrike as an all around task manager? Now we are using our agenda to manage time, but can we do the same in Wrike? Right now, we only assign task per duration during a certain day, period to work on a task but not when to work on a task on a specific day, (Agenda Style)?

Can we do it?



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Stephanie Westbrook

Hi Pierre, welcome to the forums! 👋

Wrike is great for managing work. I want to make sure I'm understanding correctly, would you specifically like to be able to track how much time is spent on each task? If that's the case, we do have a time tracking feature on Business and Enterprise accounts. That would let you see how much time people are spending on different tasks. 

If you want to schedule tasks for a specific date, you can easily do that. We don't have the ability to schedule tasks on a calendar view, but that is something the team is discussing internally. 

I would love to talk to you about how your team could use Wrike. If you could let me know a little more about the day to day work you do, what processes you have, we can figure out how Wrike could fit in.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Hi Pierre,

I had the same question because i was looking for something like an outlook style agenda where you can put some tasks till you hit your max hours. There is no functionality for this yet in Wrike but you can create a dashboard where you create 5 widgets (mon - fri). Otherwise you could create a dashboard with widgets per 2 hours. So create: 08-10, 10-12, 12-14, 14-16, 16-18 for instance. Then you can create 5 dashboards if you want do this for the whole week.


Hope this helps in the meantime and i hope there will be something like the agenda functionality in wrike soon. 

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I found the question while searching how to organise my agenda while working with Wrike.

If we need an other tool to manage our time, wrike lost an important part of his interest...

For me, in the best world, we can write the supposed time of task, arange them by priority, place fixed meetings. And the system automaticaly say: your next "free" time is on monday, at 14:00 ...


If I ask my collaborators to do 6 task, from 1 to 6 hours, how long will this take?


Best regards,




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