Does anyone use Wrike to manage leads and oportunities?

would be interested to see how others manage leads and opportunities in Wrike, specifically how you set them up. As a freelance engineer that manages projects and designs consumer product for a variety of clients, it is very important for me to always look ahead for potential  work down the road. This always starts with a lead if its a new potential client, then turning into an opportunity and hopefully (fingers always crossed) the opportunity turns into a job.


I would love to hear from the community, specifically anyone else that may use Wrike like this.

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This is actually really easy. Just create a folder for leads and then create a folder for opportunities. Use a separate task for each lead and if it makes it to opportunity stage just drag the lead from lead folder to opportunity folder. You can even break out your opportunity folder into stages. 

I would advise this is if you have less than 100 leads and opptys. If you want to import thousands of leads, you will need a CRM. 


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