Linear Workload View (See blank spaces easier)



My suggestion relates to the workload view in Wrike.


Currently, tasks are stacked per user which works perfect, but is a little bit harder to quickly digest and understand when I want to see how much free time or space a person has.


It'd be great if the tasks could be more linear, and follow on from one another. (Terrible example image below)

Using a more linear view, it would allow me to see instantly if "person A has 3 hours free on this day" and I can allocate more work to them and easier see where there are gaps to fill.


Don't get me wrong, it works nicely now but I find it more time consuming to digest how much time a person has allocated when the only way of seeing it is the sum of the hours under each person (and when stacked it gets pretty crazy looking with a lot of staff to manage).


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Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

Hi Holly, I really like this idea, I can see the immediate benefits, especially when working with large teams and projects. Thanks for sharing!

Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

Thanks Stephen! :)


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