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It will be great if I can customize the workflow for each project separately and assign responsible people to each stage. This feature will help to automatically regulate the project personnel at each stage of the workflow. For example:

My project has the following stages:

1. A new task

2. In the work

3. Testing

4. In the work (if edits)

5. Agreement

6. Completed

Usually, testing and agreement are done by the same users, so it would be convenient to assign responsible persons to stages of the workflow.

So, I assign a new task for Alice. She realized task and change status for testing and the task automatically transferred to Bruce. If he found mistakes he changes only status and task go to Alice. 

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Hi Max, thanks for posting! I think I've heard this request before, and just wanted to double check that I'm understanding correctly: do you want assignees to be changed automatically based on the custom status selected for a task?

Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

Hi, Anastasia. Yes, I want it. 


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