The new search feature isn't great, just yet.

The new search function is essentially searching by "contains".

I understand that it is currently a Beta experimental feature from Wrike Labs and as a result, may have bugs.
Wrike will pull the results if the keywords are within the task, folder, project or report.
It will not automatically pull results with tasks that are under a project. Only keywords get picked up not and not the task level when you search for a project. 
Here is a sample.
I have a project named "Expo 5000" and have tasks under it but no descriptions on these tasks. 
When I search "Expo 5000", the tasks won't appear even though it is related to Expo 5000. 
I would like to request for results to pull any results with the tag,
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Hi Jongmu, thanks for writing up your thoughts on the new search! Are you looking for all tasks residing in a specific Project? If that's the case, would it work to pull a Folder/Project search, open that location, and view all tasks from there?

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