Allocated Hours - Totals Please!

I really love Wrike and the functionality it has over other PM Systems, however one key element that it seems to be missing is the ability to look at the allocated hours as a total for the week/month and per project / per team member - It's a key factor when assigning tasks, please consider adding this to the workload view. As a workaround, if you could make it so the allocated hours show per day over a multi-day task as opposed to only the first day of a task -  the user could add at least them together to derive at a total - the former is obviously the ideal! Thank you Wrike :-) 

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Hi Stacey! Thanks for sharing. There's an existing request which comes to mind, which I think you would be interested in voting for: Controlling Hours Per Day. Also, aggregation is something which was recently enabled in Reports, but your post is more about the Workload view, so it does make sense to keep this as a separate one. I do want to suggest changing the title to include the keyword "Workload View" so others could easily find it, what do you think? :)

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Yes!  I completely agree.  To level resources, and to estimate work effort for a project, or even a phase of a project, we need the ability to total allocated (estimated work effort) hours by task, by resource, by day, by week, my month.  Similar to this:

Which can be expanded to a task view for inspection/adjustments when you see, for instance, a resource is scheduled for 88.9 hours of work in one week. 

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Wondering what the resolution was on this? Forecasting hours is such a useful management tool. 

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Any updates here? Does anyone have a work around??

Is it possible to report on allocated hours using Wrike Analyse???

This is a critical function of project management software, I'm surprised there is no obvious built in way to do this

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Hey everyone! Thank you for your feedback here! The team added a Weekly Zoom level to the Workload chart so it's possible to view the roll-up of a user's allocation per week. They are also planning to add Monthly Zoom soon. Could you please let me know whether this helps? 

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