What Service Allows Sub-Folders?

When I try to create a sub-folder in the free version of Wrike, the message says that I need to upgrade to the Premium service to get unlimited sub-folders.  However, the website pricing information doesn't mention Premium.  I only have Professional, Business, etc. to choose from and none of them say that they offer unlimited sub-folders.  What level of service do I need to upgrade to in order to get unlimited sub-folders?

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Hi Michael, thanks for posting your question here! All subscription plans except for the Free one offer an unlimited Folder hierarchy. Based on the other features you need, any of these plans can be chosen to benefit from unlimited levels of Subfolders, starting from Professional. The Free version allows you to have as many Folders/Subfolders as needed, as long as they only go one level deep, (Folder>Subfolders, but not Folder>Subfolder>Subfolder of Subfolder). Let me know if you have any other questions about this, I'll be happy to help!

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