Can collaborators create their OWN to dos?

We are implementing Wrike so that we can get rid of Basecamp and Trello. We would like to set up most of our employees as collaborators to ensure that our project process flows smoothly but we would like collaborators to have the opportunity to add to dos to their OWN board. 

For example: Trello allows me to have my own board so I can assign/prioritize my day to day items that are not project specific. 

I've played around with the collaborator role and I don't see the ability to create tasks for myself. Anyone know if that's possible?


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Hi Marcia, welcome to Wrike! :) The Collaborator license is intended mainly for clients/partners outside of your company or team, these are users who typically don't need to create any data, and this is why their user license permissions are limited. This also means you can have unlimited Collaborators in the account. If someone from your team needs to create data, we recommend granting them regular user access, and if there's someone outside of your team/company with that need, an external user license will work best. Check out our post about When to Make Someone a Collaborator for some more tips, and definitely let me know if you have any other questions! :)

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