Template task creation in third-party integrations (e.g. Zendesk, Salesforce, Streak)

Various integrations allow us to generate generate Wrike tasks, but we have detailed checklists in the subtasks and/or description that need to be completed for various types of customer requests. We need the ability to generate specific Wrike template cards directly from Zendesk (not just blank/generic ones).

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Hi Kiona, thanks for submitting this request here! I noticed you discussed this with our Support Team too, and I'm going to go ahead and paste the message Sergey sent you here as well, in case it helps other users who are looking to set this up with the help of API:

"Our API allows adding checklists to descriptions of tasks (with the 'description' parameter), as well as creating subtasks (by adding a task and attaching it to the parent task with the 'superTasks' parameter). Here you can find all the information about creating tasks via API.

However, creating a task with subtasks would require more than one call. If Zendesk allows you to make only a single push your alternatives would be to either set up a custom integration or rely on automation services such as Zapier or Workato."

This is also a good idea for a native integration request, so thanks for sharing it on the Community!

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