Have the ability to "jump to" tagged locations in the Inbox

It would be great to have a button somewhere in the Inbox messages (possibly by the 'Archive' button) that would take a user to whatever Project, Task, Subtask, or Folder they were tagged in. Or at least have the ability to double click inbox messages and be taken to the tagged location in Wrike. 

A lot of times my team and I will have to go digging through a ton of subtasks or projects in order to find exactly where we were tagged as a reference. This would save a lot of time and could help us cruise through our inbox messages more efficiently. 

...just a thought. 

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Hi Ana, thanks for writing in! Just to make sure I understood correctly: are you looking for a way to be taken directly to the Folder/Project you've been notified about, without leaving the Inbox section? If so, there are a few ways to see this info, depending on the type of notification:

  • Notifications about tasks (1) are opened in the right panel of the Inbox. If you need to open the Folder/Project the task resides in, just click on the Folder tag below the task name.
  • If you were notified about something on the Folder/Project level (2), the info is displayed on the right side too, but you can also click "Open task list" right under the notification to open the Folder/Project with all its tasks.

Is this what you were looking for? Looking forward to hearing back!

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