Read-only Dashboard possible?

Hi out there, do you know if there is an opportunity to create a Dashboard and share this DB with a group of people in read-only mode, without sharing all Projects and Folders with them? We created a Kanban DB want to share it with the Heads from different departments. They should get an overview about what is currently in progress and what not but only in a read-only mode. Thanks in advance, Jessica

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Stephanie Westbrook

Hi Jessica! That's an interesting question. You'll need to share Folders and Projects with with your teammates in order for them to be able to see tasks on the Dashboard. There are still a couple different options for what you want to do though. Reports are one option. You can create a Report and share that report with others (without having to share Folders and Projects directly with them). 

Another option would be to share the Folders and Projects with the department heads but give them limited access to those Folders. That way, they'll be able to see the Tasks, Folders, and Projects but only be able to make a very limited number of changes (like commenting, and changing task status). 

Do either of those options sound like they might work for you? Let me know and we can walk through Reports or limited Permissions in more detail. 

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